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California Micro wedding | Minimony | Elopement


Whether you’ve already decided to elope or need some convincing that a California micro wedding, elopement or minimony is the right choice for you, we would love to help! Maybe you knew deep in your hearts, the first time you said “I love you” that one day you would elope, just the two of you. Or perhaps something has come up, as so often things do in life, that require a last-minute change of plans (i.e., a COVID-19 wedding postponement or a sudden family illness).  You still want to preserve the feel of a larger wedding without any concessions to the amenities, but you need to keep things small and simple.  We’re glad you’re here…you’re in good company!

 We specialize in planning and photographing your California elopement, micro wedding, or minimony in a unique way that is tailored especially to you. Our knowledge of lesser-known amazing locations and private venues is unparalleled from our years of wedding photography experience. We work with you every step of the way to create the perfect little wedding to match your style.

We would love to know your story and find out what’s most important for you on your little wedding day. Having worked with so many wonderfully diverse elopement clients over the years all over the world, we have all the tools to create a plan for the most beautifully stress-free wedding day you could imagine.

California Micro Wedding | Planning and Photography How it works

We are here to make planning a breeze and to create images that will make your guests feel like they were there with you! Micro weddings are all about keeping things simple. We are here to help.

Here’s how it works.

elope in big sur

Choose your destination

November 27, 2021

Do you have a location already in mind for your California elopement? If not - discovering gorgeous elopement destinations is a specialty of ours. Will you choose a redwood forest for your intimate wedding ceremony or a wine country elopement amongst the vineyards? This could be the hardest decision in planning your elopement, we are here to provide you with a range of options that fit your personalities/style.

Customize your package

November 27, 2021

We aim to make your wedding day simple and unique. All packages come with an officiant, location consulting, amazing photography, flowers for two, and champagne! We have some great add-ons and a list of highly curated resources to to make your day uniquely yours!

elope in napa

Let us handle the rest

November 27, 2021

With our diverse California elopement locations list, our team of Sonoma county photographers, wedding planning experts, and vendors, we have all the details covered…all we need now is you!

California micro-wedding, minimony, and elopement


San Francisco offers a range of options when it comes to choosing a location for your elopement.

Wine country is the perfect location for those looking to have a micro wedding.

Big Sur is the perfect coastal destination for intimate, hidden spots.

Palm Springs monotony

For an intimate wedding or elopement with a classic mid-century Hollywood throwback vibe, your perfect venue might just be waiting for you in Palm Springs.

Lake Tahoe micro wedding

Whether the dream is a small mountaintop elopement or a micro-wedding with just a few of your closest family and friends deep in the pine forests of the Sierras, Lake Tahoe is a perfect location.

napa micro wedding

Napa is great

Reviews What People Say About Us

  • My husband and I were married in La Jolla in Septemeber of 2009. We had an intimate, 25-person, destination wedding. They were able to capture real, unedited, and raw moments. Upon receiving our images, I was taken aback by some of the shots they got. The pictures were, beyond, beautiful. As I went through each image, I was reliving our wedding day. I could feel the love, laughter and tears through the images. That is a talent that very few possess. The Viera family of photographers and planners are all true artists; but, most importantly, great people. They were a pleasure to work with and exceeded every expectation we had. We are beyond grateful we found them.
  • Andy and I had a winter mountain wedding with no guests. Thus, it was really important that we had lasting documentation for friends and family. The Vieras are great at finding beauty in many situations, and their creativity throughout the day was fun and inspiring to be around, not to mention without obligations, timelines and schedules, we really got to enjoy the photographic experience.
  • Well, where do I start! Jamie and Dennis made our dream wedding come true. Their energy and thoughtfulness made our elopement so very special for us in Big Sur. We live in Florida and they were able to make us feel absolutely comfortable with their style of photography and knowledge of what we wanted our special moment to feel like. They captured every smile, laugh, and tear perfectly and I couldn't have asked for a better photography team. Our family and friends were amazed and pleased by our choice for our special day! They continuously say that they can feel the joy of that day because of the way Jamie and Dennis captured it! Justin and I are so very grateful for their talent and amazing souls that helped us on our big day! Thank you for all you did and we have and will be recommending you to everyone!
  • They are AMAZING, hands down. Amazing creativity to capture great photos and amazing personalities to work with. Anytime we had questions or concerns, we were able to get a reply within a days time. They definitely did their homework to understand the locations and venues for our wedding. They did site visits and worked with the vendors to ensure a seamless process for our day-of.They have a passion for doing what they do and it really shows in their work. They are very easy-going and made us laugh through the whole day - it almost feels like you are with friends you haven't seen for a while. I highly recommend them because they will go beyond your expectations.


  • Planning

    • Find and secure the perfect venue for you (venue fee not included)• Work with you to set the mood (creation of playlists, customized flowers, etc.)• Access to our exclusive vendor list for things like makeup, catering, and musicians• Coordination with vendors• Create Customized timeline• Tips and advice for making the most of your day

  • Day Of
    Day Of

    • Eight hours day of wedding coordination (includes set up and breakdown)• Four hours of photography by Viera Photographics• Officiant• Florals for two: Personal seasonal flowers by our florists• Gift bottle of sparkling wine

  • Concierge

    • Assistance with booking hotel rooms• Dinner reservations• Obtain marriage license• Advise on local activities

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