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Whether you’ve already decided to elope or need some convincing that a California micro wedding, elopement or minimony is the right choice for you, we would love to help! Maybe you knew deep in your hearts, the first time you said “I love you” that one day you would elope, just the two of you. Or perhaps something has come up, as so often things do in life, that require a last-minute change of plans (i.e., a COVID-19 wedding postponement or a sudden family illness).  You still want to preserve the feel of a larger wedding without any concessions to the amenities, but you need to keep things small and simple.  We’re glad you’re here…you’re in good company!

 We specialize in planning and photographing your California elopement, micro wedding, or minimony in a unique way that is tailored especially to you. We work with you every step of the way to create the perfect little wedding to match your style.

We would love to know your story and find out what’s most important for you on your little wedding day. Having worked with so many wonderfully diverse elopement clients over the years all over the world, we have all the tools to create a plan for the most beautifully stress-free wedding day you could imagine.

All packages include

micro wedding flowers

Our packages include an arrangement for each of you. We work with local floral artists who source in-season florals to create stunning bouquets and arrangements for your celebration. Whether you’re more fond of hand-tied or cascade is your preferred style, the florals will be personalized to you.

micro wedding officiant

All of our marriage celebrants care immensely about what they do and will typically set up a meeting (or two) with each couple before creating their personalized ceremony. We celebrate diversity and work with a full range of clients so we can accommodate most needs, be it a priest, a non-religious officiant, or culturally specific celebrant. We can also work with your friend or family member who may be performing the marriage duties.

micro wedding planner

Even after all the planning is done…we keep it stress-free. Imagine having someone you trust by your side, throughout the day to handle the little things and bring good energy to your day. Your day of coordinator will be there with your lip gloss, to remind you to breathe, to make sure you’re hydrated, and just to make sure you can stay focused on why you’re there. From set-up to break down, and everything in between, we’ve got it covered.

redwood elopement photography

Having an intimate wedding might make you feel like you're leaving a few people out but not to worry! The comprehensive and photojournalistic style - all done by our parent company Viera Photographics - will have your friends and family feeling like they were right there with you.

micro wedding planning services

Our planning services are in a class of their own. The process begins with a location consultation with your wedding coordinator to find and secure your perfect spot! We utilize online questionnaires and meetings so that we can design your package around you. After our consultation, you’ll get a dedicated chat room with direct access to our concierge services. We aim to keep the process simple for you while also helping with any extras just in case you decide to spoil yourselves a bit.

micro wedding cake

We work with our bakers to provide simple cake options with floral decorations and a variety of favors to choose from. Your cake will always be designed with your personal style and taste (no pun intended) in mind. We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions and we also provide alternatives such as cupcakes or pies!

Signature Planning Service

Some of what makes our signature planning services so great!

all inclusive micro wedding

Our location consultation services take all the leg work out of it and get you straight to the fun part, selecting your perfect venue! You tell us your budget and style requirements and how you want your day to feel and we’ll then present you with options that fit you. You’ll have access to our curated collection of distinctive venues, over 15 years in the making! We select venues that are visually stunning with natural beauty. We are also happy to work with the venue you have already chosen or to find something completely new, just let us know!

all inclusive micro wedding packages

Utilizing a combination of online questionnaires and meetings and your dedicated chat room, we make the process straightforward and stress free. Everything we provide is sourced from or produced by locals we love and trust and are heavily vetted to ensure you’re getting the absolute best. We take the time to get to know you and all the items are personalized to you so if you’re allergic to dairy, you won’t be greeted with a platter of local cheeses, etc…

Having your own dedicated chat room gives you access to all the resources we have. We can assist you with booking hotel rooms, local transportation, on obtaining your marriage license, tell you the best place to watch the sunset, and even where to get the best tacos in town!

relaxed wedding day timelie

With a focus on a fun and a stress-free flow, we curate your day around what’s most important to you. We want you to relax and take it all in, so we take care of all the little details so you don’t have to.

While we keep our curated micro weddings streamlined to decrease stress and provide the most value, we know you may want just a bit more. We've got you covered, and send our extensive vendor list for services such as hair and make-up, musicians, rentals, and transportation.

With over a decade's worth of experience working throughout California, we have tons of advice and tips on how to make the most of your day.

Book a consult with us

We would love to share our years of experience, answer any of your questions and see if a micro wedding is right for you!

Featured Locations

We plan micro weddings, minimonies and elopements throughout Northern California. Check out some of the other locations we love to plan weddings at.

Gorgeous sandy beaches, rustic redwood forests, amazing wineries, and an awesome boardwalk.

Culinary capital, world-class accommodations, with both quirky and luxurious micro wedding venues.

Down to earth wineries, wild coastlines and redwood forests.

Iconic settings, redwood forests, unforgettable coastlines and waterfalls.

Epic coastline, redwood groves, extraordinary vineyards, and rich history.

Lake Tahoe micro wedding

Snow capped mountains, cobalt blue lake and alpine forests.

napa micro wedding

Romantic and luxurious aesthetic, lush vineyards and historic wineries, and quiet oak woodlands

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Reviews What People Say About Us

  • Our wedding was beyond anything we could have imaged. Our Little Wedding helped us find a location and food and overall vibe that we loved, and when rain threatened to upend the whole plan, they helped us pivot to to something even better. We could not be happier with the wedding day experience for us and our guests, or with the pictures we have to help us remember it all.
  • Our Little Wedding made wedding planning so easy! It was personalized yet we didn’t have to go through the hard work of sorting through all the options or decision paralysis. Day of coordination let us enjoy the moment with each other and family. And the photos turned out amazing!
  • Our Little Wedding was an excellent choice in helping us plan our minimony; it wouldn't have been as well done without them. In less than a month Jaime and Dennis put together a wonderful ceremony and small dinner reception for our family. Jaime was diligent, responsive, and thoughtful and Dennis managed to capture the love and sentiment of the day perfectly. Highly recommend the team from Our Little Wedding for your wedding planning needs!
  • They are AMAZING, hands down. Amazing creativity to capture great photos and amazing personalities to work with. Anytime we had questions or concerns, we were able to get a reply within a days time. They definitely did their homework to understand the locations and venues for our wedding. They did site visits and worked with the vendors to ensure a seamless process for our day-of.They have a passion for doing what they do and it really shows in their work. They are very easy-going and made us laugh through the whole day - it almost feels like you are with friends you haven't seen for a while. I highly recommend them because they will go beyond your expectations.
  • My husband and I were married in La Jolla in Septemeber of 2009. We had an intimate, 25-person, destination wedding. They were able to capture real, unedited, and raw moments. Upon receiving our images, I was taken aback by some of the shots they got. The pictures were, beyond, beautiful. As I went through each image, I was reliving our wedding day. I could feel the love, laughter and tears through the images. That is a talent that very few possess. The Viera family of photographers and planners are all true artists; but, most importantly, great people. They were a pleasure to work with and exceeded every expectation we had. We are beyond grateful we found them.
  • I loved working with Our Little Wedding, especially the day of! They made sure that everything ran smoothly so that my husband and I could enjoy the day to the fullest without worrying about the details. They also really listened to what we wanted out of the day. For example, they made sure that we had a bit of time to ourselves to take in the moment, and they were able to accommodate our request to have some pictures taken in nature, which turned out even better than we could have imagined! Although, our wedding was small, it was pretty perfect, and we have some incredible photography to remember it by. Overall, highly recommend!
  • Andy and I had a winter mountain wedding with no guests. Thus, it was really important that we had lasting documentation for friends and family. The Vieras are great at finding beauty in many situations, and their creativity throughout the day was fun and inspiring to be around, not to mention without obligations, timelines and schedules, we really got to enjoy the photographic experience.
  • Well, where do I start! Jamie and Dennis made our dream wedding come true. Their energy and thoughtfulness made our elopement so very special for us in Big Sur. We live in Florida and they were able to make us feel absolutely comfortable with their style of photography and knowledge of what we wanted our special moment to feel like. They captured every smile, laugh, and tear perfectly and I couldn't have asked for a better photography team. Our family and friends were amazed and pleased by our choice for our special day! They continuously say that they can feel the joy of that day because of the way Jamie and Dennis captured it! Justin and I are so very grateful for their talent and amazing souls that helped us on our big day! Thank you for all you did and we have and will be recommending you to everyone!
  • Jaime, Michelle, Dennis, and team are so kind, understanding, and amazing!! Due to unfortunate circumstances, we had to move up our wedding. Jaime and Michelle were able to put everything together in a week, and they blew it out of the water!! It was everything I could ever dream of - we will forever be grateful to the team for helping us make these precious memories.
  • This team did SUCH an amazing job planning the redwood forest wedding of our DREAMS during the pandemic! Casey was incredibly responsive and was always available to answer all of our questions and concerns throughout the whole process. Michelle made sure to help calm my pre-wedding nerves and coordinated every detail seamlessly on the day of the ceremony. Dennis was such a wonderful and attentive photographer that made us feel so comfortable as he captured all the special moments of our big day. Even though our wedding was only 30 guests, many of them told us it was one of the best ones they'd ever been to. I am SO deeply grateful to the Our Little Wedding team and cannot emphasize enough how fantastic they were!
  • Matthew and I just wanted to give a HUGE thanks to everyone on this team!!! Our wedding day was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE and we’re so grateful for all the work and planning everyone did to help make that day extra special. Everything exceeded our expectations. Thank you ALL so much! Cheers!
  • Thank you so much for making our day so special! Everything ran so smoothly and we were able to just relax. The photos were so fantastic! We were overjoyed with how they turned out.
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