Napa Micro Wedding, Elopement & Minimony

Napa began cultivating its reputation as a world class epicurean destination back in the mid-1970’s when the Judgement of Paris shone a bright light on the potential of the valley’s fruit. Since the days of the gold rush though, the county has been firmly rooted in agriculture and today it straddles dual obligations to it’s land, and it’s residents and visitors. Napa’s allure as a premium wedding destination is due to it’s rural and secluded feel. There’s few places more romantic to wake up the morning after your Napa micro wedding, destination elopement or minimony than a villa looking out over Napa Valley and it’s extensive Oak woodlands and lush vineyards. Napa County is much more than just the vineyards lining highway 29. It has a little bit of everything and caters to a wide range of visitors; from the expanding downtown waterfront alongside the Napa river with its convenient access and ample amenities to mineral baths, legendary food and wine, gold-rush-era history, and the irresistible charm of Calistoga in the northern part of the county. With endless locations to explore, wonderful service, friendly locals, and world class food and wine, it’s no surprise that we host around 4,500 weddings here annually. Let us help you in bringing your Napa Valley micro wedding dream to life!

A Napa micro wedding is right for you if you like:

  • Gorgeous sunsets through the grape vines
  • Intimate dinner with close family and friends
  • Enjoy some of the areas finest wines
Your package will always include:
  • Stunning professional photography
  • Online web gallery of images to share with family and friends
  • An officiant to oversee your vows
  • Access to our handpicked vendors in and around Big Sur
  • Location consulting to help you choose the location that is best for you
  • Flowers for the two of you – either bouquets, boutonnieres or a combination
  • Wedding cake
  • Amplified music for your ceremony
  • Concierge services to help arrange lodging accommodations, services and more
napa micro wedding venue

Micro wedding inspiration from previous couples

Featured Locations

We plan micro weddings, minimonies and elopements throughout California. Check out some of the other locations we love to plan weddings at.

San Francisco offers a range of options when it comes to choosing a location for your elopement.

Wine country is the perfect location for those looking to have a micro wedding.

Big Sur is the perfect coastal destination for intimate, hidden spots.

Palm Springs monotony

For an intimate wedding or elopement with a classic mid-century Hollywood throwback vibe, your perfect venue might just be waiting for you in Palm Springs.

Lake Tahoe micro wedding

Whether the dream is a small mountaintop elopement or a micro-wedding with just a few of your closest family and friends deep in the pine forests of the Sierras, Lake Tahoe is a perfect location.

napa micro wedding

Napa is great

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